"So," he said, "my sister Cammie says you're pretty cool, and I have to give you a chance, but I think you should know that I hate school, I hate learning, I hate teachers, I know I am going to hate you, and I know for sure, that you're going to hate me.  It's just a matter of time because I am trouble-I mean it.  Big trouble."


I sat next to him on the table so I could look him in the eye, and I forced myself to smile and say, "Well, Mr. Jonah, it's semi-nice to meet you.  I am Ms. Melanie, and I would like to accept your challenge."

Lessons learned from the Starfish is a teacher's memoir chronicling twenty-three years teaching kindergarten and second grade at a state public school.  Laugh, cry, and learn along with Ms. Melanie as she shares stories of empathy, loss, and triumph.  A must-read for all parents and educators.  

Do you have a story about a starfish child in your life?  I would love to hear about it!  Find me on Facebook to share your story with a community of people who believe that all starfish matter.  

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